How to find Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

You might have noticed, I stopped updating the platform updates. I hope you don’t mind ;-). It just didn’t make any sense anymore when Microsoft moved it to a different location.. .

The main reason why I was providing that on my blog, was the “googleability” of the content the updates. All was published on PartnerSource, which meant, nothing was searchable in google.. . And we all know the experience to search for something in PartnerSource ;-). So to help you with that, I copied the content of the updates to my blog, and referenced the KB article. This was quite manual work, and I have spent hours and hours to maintain it.

Good for me .. Microsoft has changed their way of working. Google will actually take you to the exact CU where something was fixed on the Microsoft Support Site. You just have to know how to search.. .


It’s quite simple, just provide enough information to google for it to find the right stuff, like:

  • The NAV version
  • The error message
  • “cumulative update” if you’re actually search for one.

A few examples:

What CU should I download?

So IF you find a CU where your specific problem was solved .. I don’t recommend you to download that one. Just download the last one available. All updates are cumulative, so your problem will be fixed in a later version as well.

How do you find that latest version?

Aleksander Totovic published a few interesting links for that on a recent blogpost. Here you can find all CU updates from all supported versions:

And last but not least …

Of course, there is only on right way to download the latest Cumulative Update: With PowerShell! :-)

I described it here:

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