WPC Diary: Hands On Labs: MS Office PerformancePoint 2007: Monitoring and Analytics


Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 is a performance management solution that allows for continuous business improvement throug planning, monitoring and analyzing your organization.  The monitoring and analytics for this product provides the ability to evaluate what is happening and why, by bringing data from a variety of data sources and allowing that data to be displayed. 


Or in words that I can understand … it might be a new BI tool.  I don't know what to expect, so here we go… .


In the package, there is a "PerformancePoint Scorecard Builder".  When you open this, it opens the "PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer" Indifferent.  Anyway … you need this tool to do your "monitoring and analytics".


When connecting to a datasource, you see you can use Analysis Services.

For this session, I needed to create a "scorecare" (I suppose this term comes from "balanced scorecard").  As expected, your scorecard contains KPI's.  Depending on how your cube is configured, is how you can define your KPI's.  I created following KPI's:

  • Sales Amount - Increasing is Better - 1
  • Days Late - Decreasing is Better- 1
  • Gross Margin % - Increasing is Better - 25

I think you know what this means.


It's a very simple way to build a scorecard … In 5 minutes, I got my green and red flags on my screen.  Time to add dimensions.  This is just a matter of dragging and dropping on the scorecard.  Very impressive and intuitive!  Owkay, this is my scorecard.


For monitoring, you need to publish it to the "monitor server".  Actually, before content can be ported to other containers, it needs to be synchronized with the Monitoring Server.


Now, we have to create reports to publish to the server.  I created an "Analytic Chart".  Now, it's a bit more complicated, because you have to give in an SQL-like language (MDX) to get your data… . To give you an idea:

SELECT {[Last 12 Caal Months w/ Sales]} ON COLUMNS,

{[Produc].[Family].&[4], [Product].[Family].&[5],[Product].[Family].&Devil}


WHERE {[Measures].[Sales Amt]}

And I could not find a "builder" of some kind… .


Now, the only thing to do was to create a Dashboard and Publish it to Office SharePoint Server 2007 (for monitoring).

This was only a matter of drag en drop the reports and scorecard(s) to the dashboard page.  Publish the dashboard, and that was it.


Now, I have successfully built KPI's, charts, grids, and published that to the server.


I'm not sure I understood everything as I'm really not a BI expert, but I gave me a feeling on how simple it is (after all software is installed off course) to create this … .  I think we're going to hear much more of this.

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