WPC Diary: Hand On Labs: SoftGrid: Getting Published - Bringing the Virtual Applications to the Enterprise


In the Keynote Session, there was a topic about "SoftGrid" and "Virtual Applications".  Well, I was quite interested in that, and wanted to do the hands on lab - or better: a "Self Paced Lab", where there is no instructor, but a hard copy manual and a Virtual PC that you can use to explore what this tool is.  Let's have a go… .


I got 2 running VPC's .. A client and a server.  On the server, you need this software:

  • SQL Server Desktop Engine
  • SoftGrid Server
  • SoftGrid Management Web Service
  • SoftGrid Management Console
  • Domain controller
  • IIS


Goal: Company X uses office 2007, but for some reason,  there is a need to use office 2003 in certain circumstances.  The decision was to use SoftGrid to deliver and Maintain Office 2003. This exercise publishes Office 2003.  I will describe the most important steps.


  1. To administer SoftGrid, you use the SoftGrid Management Console.
  2. You should first create an application group (e.g. Microsoft Applications).
    1. In the application group, you import an sprj, file, which is (a group of) applications.  How you get such an sprj file, is not clear for me… .
  1. The, on the client, there is a client of SoftGrid, that connects (through webservices) with the SoftGrid Server
  2. Your applications are available on your client.


It is as simple as that.  Only I would want to know how to get to those sprj files… .  Probably a simple answer to that … but no time to figure that out, because I have to hurry for my trip to the Rocky Mountains (Sponsored by Microsoft Belgium :) )

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