Halleluja! Group 2 is releasing NAV 2009 SP1!

Remember this post?

I was so glad that I could finally announce that there was at least a release date in Belgium.

Now, today, December 17th 2009 (yes, still 2009!), sooner then announced, (but ok, still hundreds of days after the official world wide release of NAV 2009, but let's forget that for a while) … Belgium can start implementing their customers on this new cool product, because the Belgian localization can be downloaded from today!

Not only Belgium, but the Norwegian and Swedish localization has been released today as well. You (ie. Partners) can find the downloads here. Also the pricelist has been updated for these countries, which you can find here.

I must admit, this is a big relief for me. I took the challenge and risk to start a new product in NAV 2009 early this year, for 3 Belgian customers which have to go live pretty soon now … so we started developing in W1. Now, BE is released … and I'm sure we're going to make the deadline.

Let's say … thanks for this X-mas gift, Microsoft Smile.

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