MVP Renewal

"I'm an April".. . That's what MVP's say in Belgium about when they were awarded (if they were awarded in April, in fact). You see, it always happens either on the 1st of January, April, July or October. MVP's are only MVP's for one year each year, you have to be "renewed" if you still want to call yourself "MVP" .. . Will you be renewed? That's still something that's not in our hands .. it has probably something to do with the "effort" we put into the online and offline community .. But still, it's something mysterious .. what is "enough effort"?

Well .. I'm not able to answer that question .. but I do have the good news (at least for me .. Smile) that I'm MVP for one more year. The fifth time. And I'm glad about that .. Definitely. It's some kind of "satisfaction" of a kind of hobby that got out of control .. . So yes I'm glad :-).

And what does it mean for me? Well, at least one more year of blogging, one more year of doing sessions for the Belgian and global community .. . I'll do my best to do a good job so you don't waste your time by reading/listening Wink.


There is (at least) one more MVP that can say "I'm an April": Luc Van Vugt from the Netherlands. I know Luc from his blog: Van Vugt's Dynamixs . And it seems that he's glad about it :-): Smile.

Congrats, Luc! Enjoy!

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