BDC: .Net Interop & Client Extensibility

Last week, we organized a new session in Belgium about the cool stuf in NAV developing: .Net Interop and Client Extensibility. I didn't do this session, but Gunter Peeters (Van Roey Automation) did. I just knew it was going to be an interesting session, as Gunter is one of those guys that puts stuff like this in a good use .. when Microsoft comes out with (e.g.) Client Extensibility, Gunter sees it as an opportunity for many implementations .. and so he learns and uses it!

His employer is Van Roey Automation in Turnhout (which is by the way my previous employer Smile). And they use Dynamics NAV in all its glory: Finance, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Service, Assembly... . And on top of that: a "Point Of Sales". Gunter took the challenge of building that POS using Client Extensibility, and it's one of the best (and most useful) implementations I've ever seen using that technology. From that moment, I knew that Gunter was the man that had to do this session .. and I was able to convince him :-).

Gunter did a marvelous job. And what I would like to share with you are the screenshots of his POS-solution:

This is a sales order, with the extra client add-ins. The buttons below are configurable:

The nice side-effects of the fullscreen-mode of the RTC client:

Searching for an item on a touch-screen?

And if this wasn't nice enough .. look at this bubbleburst-game that he created:

Try that in the classic environment! Stick out tongue






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