Features we can expect in the “2019 Release Wave 2” for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A week ago, Microsoft came with this message on twitter:

Which basically pointed to an URL that was (for me) difficult to find on Microsoft Docs. I literally had to find the tweet again to find the list of expected features again .. so I figured: If I have a problem finding it, others might have problems as well. So, here it is:

The (updated) list of features we can expect in the 2019 Release Wave 2

Key dates for the 2019 release wave 2 of Dynamics 365

When I just scheduled this blog, Eva Dupont tweeted this:

I guess it’s very much “on topic”, so let’s include this URL as well:

Key dates for the 2019 release wave 2 of Dynamics 365

Look out for August 2nd to get your hands on the preview, and obviously to October 1st for the RTM release!  Following the link, you will be able to download a PDF (in your own language) with a description of all upcoming features.

What am I looking forward to?

Since we’re at it, let’s talk about the ones that I am really looking forward to myself :-).

Basically, anything “client” related is in my opinion very important, just because we know that in this next major release, the Windows Client won’t exist anymore. So:

  • Longer timeout period for server connection: this is a no-brainer. It was only added quite late to the list, but good to know that the “session timeout period” for BC Online will increase to “hours” in stead of just 20 minutes.
  • Multi-tasking across multiple pages: I know many users have been asking for this – not me in particular, but who am I? I spend more days in outlook and VSCode than in the actual client ;-).
  • Speed and agility of data entry: We have a customer we will be upgrading to BC15 (that’s what I call it), and speed of data-entry is going to be very important for them .. .
  • Customize a user profile without writing code: also again something I hear a lot from our consultants – something we need to be able to do! I just hope Microsoft will implement this on “personalization”-level, and not on “designer”-level, where we would need to compile it in code / or an extension needs to be created/changed/deployed. Users need to be able to do this on their own – and it should not involve anything technical.
  • Saving and personalizing list views: this is a no-brainer as well. So useful!
  • Add links to your navigation menu: Do I need to say more?
  • Resize columns with fewer clicks: at this point it’s not really intuitive (open personalization, and start resizing columns). So any improvement in this area is always appreciated!
  • Full keyboard shortcut support: THE number one for all I am concerned. I’m all into shortcuts, and powerusers (if I can call ‘m that) apparently as well. So I’m really looking forward to August, when this will be in the preview releases!

All great additions, and a awesome step towards getting into parity with the windows client. Probably people will still have their doubts – but that’s ok ;).

Not only the client-related stuff I’m looking forward to – also technical stuff, like:

What am I NOT waiting for?

And may be a list of what I wasn’t really waiting for  (since lately , I’m all into testability: you always have to test the opposite truth as well to have a full test – well, in this case, to have a full story, I have to talk about the opposite as well ;-))

  • More power to developers using Designer: personally, I’m not a fan of the Designer. It has brought lots of confusion (and crashes) .. but I’ll give it a go in August to see what it will bring.
  • Page background tasks: A first step into async processes .. . To be honest, I don’t see “it” yet. I need usecases .. . I missed a webcast about it – so probably it’s just me (and a matter of time) ;-). (Sorry, Kenny ;-)).
  • Base application delivered as AL applications: if that is still a surprise, well, read this post. I’m actually quite against the “Customizing-the-Base-App-in-AL” as any form of solution. For me, it’s a 100% no-go, and I will do anything I can to go fully for AL Extensions. And after all the investments we have been doing, I’m confident we will succeed. Why am I against it? Well, in my opinion, it’s at least as bad as going hybrid (aka “side-by-side”. You can read all about my opinion on that here). With all the changes we have been going through – and we are still going through – I don’t see why we would have to implement even a third development model as a partner.
    I know some people see it as a step in the AL direction. Well, it IS a step, sure .. but the only direction I can think of is “South” ;-). It feels too much like putting off the inevitable to me .. . And yes, I realize that some things are not possible with extensions, like extending primary keys, reports, options, posting routines, .. or missing events. We also had to deal with all of these … .
    Anyway, I’m at it again – I told myself to shut up about this very topic… , but apparently it’s stronger than me ;-). I’ll stop here…

So here you go. To recapitulate, the main topic of this post is simply to share the URL to the list of features: The (updated) list of features we can expect in the 2019 Release Wave 2! But now at least you have some useless opinions on top of it ;-).

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