Dynamics NAV - SQL Server Runtime License

I write this blog to you because recently, I had a somewhat surprising licensing issue concerning SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


It all began with our Sales departement.

They had a very "hot" prospect (not going to mention the name).  It would become a very intersting project: 65 users, multi language, multi site,  many transactions, huge reporting challenge, lots of integrations with our own integration framework ... anyway: an opportunity to show what NAV is made of Smile.


Our sales departement wanted to use the SQL Server runtime license in the Dynamics NAV licensing model.  Until then, we had no experience with this licensing model, or runtime version of SQL Server, so I said: let's contact Microsoft to see if it supports 64 bit. The answer was "yes", so we decided to go for the runtime license.  Customer happy, we happy, yippiekayee.




When we received the runtime version,  I noticed it was a 32 bit version.  So I contacted Microsoft: "hey, you sent the wrong one".  And the ball started rolling.  There seemed to be NO 64 bit runtime (embedded) version of SQL Server.  And Microsoft isn't going to make one either (in the near future).  Djeez.  It has been a struggle for a while because Microsoft misunderstood me, and I misunderstood Microsoft.  Namely, you can install the runtime version on a 64 bit operating system, but the SQL Server version is 32 bit, so there is no advantage whatsoever... .


We're still negociating with Microsoft in how we're going to handle this license wise, because there is no way I'm going to install a 32 bit version of SQL Server Wink.  I'm sure we will work out a acceptable solution.


Anyway ...


This is what you have to remember:

  • There is a Runtime License for SQL Server: SQL Server 2005 for Microsoft Dynamics.
  • This Runtime License is cheaper than a full license.
  • The restrictions of this runtime license is that you can only install (one or more?) dynamics database(s) on the SQL Server.  (At least ... This SHOULD be the limitations ... I didn't test this)
  • The Runtime version of SQL Server comes in two versions
    • SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition (x86) Runtime for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (x86) Runtime for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • It does not look there is going to be a 64 bit version, but they're looking into that because they definitally see the advantage... .
  • Last but certainly not least: you can NOT upgrade from a Runtime License to a normal license.  This involves buying a full version of SQL Server!


My communication with Microsoft went through our PABS (Partner Advantage Business Solutions) agreement, which was very responsive.  Very positive. 

One downside though was the fact that I noticed that not many people actually know how the Runtime License work.  I'm sure they will sort it out, and there will be a comprehensive paper in the near future.  Until then, you can contact Microsoft or you can use this informationWink.

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  • Hehe! Somehow with my almost 20 years in the industry (17 with Navision) I sort of have heard this story before! Incompetense! But you not only find this with Microsoft, but in general with most companies in the industry! It's sad...

    But to you entry about the runtime license. What should actually be the advantage of the runtime license over the normal licenses?

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