Dynamics NAV Source control: iFacto ReVision has been launched!

Actually, this has happened quite some time ago .. but I just didn't blog about it. Not because I didn't want you to know, only because I didn't want things to become too hectic. We released ReVision in Juli with version 1.0.0. A stable release, which was doing the things the tool was intended for: Source Control. Thanks to the feedback of people who were following us, we can say that we have now a tool that does quite some more... . And as we are still getting feedback, the tool keeps on evolving .. Cool :-).

What is the tool all about?

The main function is "Source Control": the one thing (or should I say "one of the things") that is missing in C/AL development :-). Our main goal was providing a simple tool that does this, with a minimum change (I dare to say: enhanced) in development experience for the developer. So "Simplicity", like we know it from NAV itself ;°).

We want to provide this with the simplest license you can find: buy once, use as long as you want: no yearly fee .. because that wouldn't make sense.

To find out more about this product, you can read lots about it .. but actually the best thing you can do is just download it, request a trial .. and go from there!

Why do I want you to try it out? Because there is just too much to find out:

  • Check Out/In objects
  • Object history
  • Rolling back objects
  • Comparing object
  • Comparing databases
  • Live compile when comparing / editing objects in compare tools
  • Opening clients en connect to database from ReVision
  • Table Info
  • Designer info
  • ...

And lots and lots more.. .

Where can I find more info on the tool?

I blogged already a few times about this tool:

Together with our website and all other initiatives (now you know where we spent a lot of time in), it explains quite well what you can expect from iFacto ReVision:

Where can I see this tool?

We sponsored already the Decisions Spring event back in June. Very succesful, if I may say. We gained lots of contacts, and quite some customers. But I know, that's history .. What's to come.

First of all, we're gold sponsor at NAVTechDays. What does that mean? We'll have a booth where you'll be able to ask whatever you like about the product, see the product, feel it .. . Second, there is a 15-minute slot that is dedicated on the product on Friday from 12:40 to 12:55. Be sure that you'll be there!

Next, we will be at Directions US in Orlando as well. We don't have a booth there, but we'll bring the product. So don't hesitate to talk to us and ask about ReVision :-) - I'll make sure you'll recognize us :-).

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