Dynamics NAV (no service pack) support already ended!

Quite the same topic as my previous blog, but I didn't want to put it together, as both deserve equal attention in my opinion.

People that have been eager enough to implement Dynamics NAV 2009 in the very very first days of its life .. deserve an applause! They deserve quite some respect, as that very first release was a challenge to implement (if anyone disagrees, please say so .. :-) ). It wasn't a surprise that Microsoft came with a much better release (being SP1), which was a huge improvement and - let's be honest - a must to upgrade to.. . So for me, it isn't a surprise either that they don't support the non-service-pack-release anymore (already from October 2011) .. as why would anyone want to be on that release in stead of SP1 or R2? ;-).

Upgrade, people!

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