Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Test Toolset R2

As I already announced on my blog, Microsoft was working on a next version of the Application Test Toolset ... . There was already a R1, but it wasn't really sufficient. Now, in this release (here you can read all about it) you've got a set of 226 application tests .. In a framework that makes the test-codeunits use-able.  here's the list from the Team Blog:

  • 226 application tests (covering areas such as service management, sales, purchasing, inventory management, jobs, and finance)
  • Application-specific test libraries (e.g., creation functions)
  • Generic test libraries (e.g., assertions, logging)
  • Backup management
  • Test case management 
  • You can download the toolset from partnersource. In my opinion, there is no reason NOT to use the toolset in your own implementations to see if the default application is still working ...

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