Directions US 2010 San Diego

Like Mark already announced in his blog, Directions US 2010 is coming .. and I agree, it's the best Dynamics Convention of all. I very much like Convergence US (EMEA not that much..), but Directions eats, breaths, lives ... NAV. NAV is all there is. It's like the whole world functions in favor of NAV. And for an addict like me, it's coming home ;°).

Coming home after two years, because last year, I had to skip (even I have obligations once in a while as well ..). This year, however, I will be doing a session myself as well. And not one about development .. but I AM going to do a presentation about Web Services. I hear you thinking .. huh?? Yeah, my reaction exactly, but in fact, it's quite an interesting topic. Who is going to analyze solutions? Implementers (consultants), right? So they HAVE to know what NAV 2009 Web Services is all about .. on an implementer point of view. And that's what my session will do. So don't hesitate to go my session "Making Web Services work for an Implementer".

On top of that, I will not do any book signing for the simple reason .. I haven't written any book ;°). BUT. What I will be able to do is to show a beta-version of our exciting source control tool that we're building. Now, I don't want to reveal too much now, but it's exciting because it's just sooooo cool. Imagine .. a tool that is monitoring your client and when developing, automatically saves everything to your favorite source control tool (source safe, tfs, file system) .. or .. you select objects in NAV and query the history and see who changed what with your favorite compare tool .. or .. you select objects in NAV (DEV) and compare it with another NAV on another database (LIVE) .. you notice differences and .. change the object in your merge tool (araxis, beyond compare), save the object .. and automagically, the object is saved and compiled in your database... . And all this, without the need of any extra knowledge.. and without importing one fob .. all outside of NAV (immediately works in any client).

I just want to get a feeling whether it's exciting enough. If so, I'm going to see how we can make it available to partners and freelancers.

Besides this all, I'm looking very much forward in meeting all "the dudes and gals" again. It's always so nice to spend time with the NAV community. So dedicated. So like me . Like I said, it's like coming home.. :-)

OK, I'll stop now, because this is getting too 'sensitive' ;°).

C U there!

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  • Would have loved to go, but time and finances have not been kind to me lately. But I hope you will have a great conference.

    I'm also looking forward to get a look at your new tool. Will it compete directly with MergeTool or will it complement it?    

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