Directions US 2010: Final thoughts

Yet another conference has passed .. a conference I didn't blog at all.. . There are a few reasons for that, but the most important one is definitely the fact that I was as sick as hell .. . Two weeks ago, a started to feel something on my lungs, and that only became worse .. :(. So i must say, I didn't feel like blogging too much .. I was glad that i could attend the sessions.

On the other hand, there was Mark. He did a great job in telling his story:

Somebody said "I can tell from both your blogs that you are good friends" ;-). Well, I must say, Mark was handing out free copies of his book .. but I did not receive any free signed copy :-(. Some friends, huh! ;-)

(just kidding, Mark .. in theory I DID receive a free copy .. after the review I did :-)).

My Session

This was the first time I had to give a session in the states. "How to make Web Services work for an Implementer" was the title of my session .. and quite a challenge for me. Normally, I have only about 10 slides, and go into code or demo. Now, I had about 45 slides, and couldn't go into code, because of the fact it was an implementer-session. I had to explain what web services is, and what it is in terms of Dynamics NAV. The resulting PPT, you can find here (pardon me for the redundant slides...).

There were quite some people, so I was glad I was not speaking for an empty room this time (cfr. Techdays Sweden). People came up to me to congratulate me on my session .. and that feels nice :-). Also David Studebaker, which is quite a fan of NAV 2009 Web Services, followed my session .. as did mark (although, I understood he wasn't really attentive ;°)).

I would like to thank the board that I got the opportunity to do this .. and of course, I hope that I will be part of it again some time!

My Directions

People ask me sometimes .. is it still useful that you go?? Of(f) course ... If it isn't for the content, then it's definitely for the people. And then especially in the US, where the convention is so rich of different kinds of NAV enthusiast: New NAV people, Developers, Sales, Executives... all kinds of NAV in a big, well organized convention.

My ReVision

On top of that, I wanted to get a feeling of whether ReVision was useful or not, what was missing, and so on.. . I showed it to quite some people, and all of them were amazed of the simplicity and functionality .. although it lacked some "versioning"-capabilities like Mark showed in his presentation. So that's exactly what we will be adding before it comes out .. with the same objectives (simplicity) in mind.

People have been asking me when it comes out. To be honest, I don't know. I'm aiming to have a definite version with licensing and all that by January 1st 2011, but to be honest, we still don't know what and how we will be offering.

Some specifics

To conclude, i would like to pinpoint some specific things.. .

As you might know, Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 is coming out. When? There is no specific date yet .. but let's hope it will be still this year (heaving a 2009 R2 release in 2011 is a little bit ridiculous, no?). In that release, there will be .NET Interoperability. Now, THAT is something to look out for. It brings the .NET Framework to your C/AL. What it means, will be the difficult part of it, I agree .. just imaging that things become simpler. One example: consuming web services! Do you remember what amount of code you have to write for that? Use .NET, and things will become simpler.. .

Per Morgensen had a nice description of the "About This Page" functionality in the RTC, namely: "Zoom On Steroids". I liked that one ;°).

Together with the CRM Integration, we will finally have in Codeunit 1 the triggers: "OnDatabaseInsert", "OnDatabaseModify" and "OnDatabaseDelete" ... FINALLY!! You know what that means? You know how long people have been asking this? Now, we don't know whether it's because they needed it themselves for the CRM Integration, or because of the feedback of the partners ... but who cares .. it's there, and you can use it (in R2). Not to forget that CRM Integration is coming as well, of course .. I would almost forget.. .

It's often asked whether the integration tool that is used for CRM integration, can be used to anything else .. and note down that the license won't allow that. So in my (only speaking for myself) understanding, it would be possible, yes, but not allowed by the license.

You know that the Treemap Visualisation is coming up, right? Well, not only that is going to be officially release, but also the famous "Interactive Timeline" is going to be released as well .. so my advice: use it!! It seems complicated, but I sure know some scenario's where I would like to try to implement it in our company :-).

So, what about the debugger, waldo?

Sorry dudes. Not going to be in R2. From what Mark discribed in his blog, it all looks very promising. And the feedback to Microsoft was: just release anything you have .. anything better then nothing.. . But too many platform changes should have had to be done in order to be able to do this, so the debugger was deleted from the list.. . I understand, if you know how they're doing it, and what they are building .. it's big! And something big needs a stable platform .. you don't do that "just because" .. you do that well-thought... . Until then .. Let's debug Csharp.. .

That's about all I have to share for now .. I hope that the next convention I will be better (actually, I hope I will get better long before the next conventiong ;°) ), so you can get regular updates from me again!

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