Directions EMEA 2012: Final Thoughts

OK, here we go .. . It has been a "ride" to Directions .. both literally as mentally. In only 7 days, I went on a trip by car, taxi, train and plane!

By car to the Alpes with perfect weather conditions:

From Austria, by taxy to the train station, and by train to Rome:

By plane back home, to play Kubbs with my kids just an hour after arriving:

Busy week .. whereof Directions was the busiest time - as it should be.

As stated in my previous blog .. I had two sessions (of which I'm going to blog about separately) .. and this caused quite some stress, I must say. Sometimes I wonder: "why do I keep on doing this??". After the sessions I always know why :-). This year, I had an extra level of stress though. Just before I had to go on stage to talk about some tools, my PC began to crash just after I took my laptop out of his sleep. I only had 5 minutes before I had to begin. It started to make really funny (although not so funny at that time) notices, and NAV began to crash like hell. I didn't have the time to completely reset my machine, so I had to improvise - during the session on stage - by using another database on my own pc in stead of the VM I would normally have used.. . So there you go .. I had practiced it about a zillion times on one VM .. and now I had to do it live in a completely different environment. Result: Heart rate at about 180 for about an hour!

I guess all (or most) went fine .. I had a wonderful audience (full room, by the way!) who cared to laugh at some of my jokes, took pictures of the slides , so I guess, some of it was interesting :-). When I have some more time (rebuilding a house really influences the time to blog, I must say..), I'm going to put that session into a blog!

What about Directions in general?

We're getting used to it, no? :-) This time again, it was a great convention, which is always worth the money and time people invest into it. But that's what we're used to, right, from Directions?

You know Rome .. It's almost perfect as a location. It's warm, enjoyable, good food, ... . So that was going to be a win-win, right?

The convention itself never had so many interesting sessions .. 7 at the same time. For me, this was may be a somewhat disadvantage, because I had to choose .. and I usually can't choose! My solution to that next year is: inviting more people from iFacto to join Directions! I recommend you to do the same ;-).

Microsoft took the occasion to showcase NAV2013 in the most extended way possible. +30 sessions about NAV2013: new functionality, new features, ... everything there was to say about it! But still under NDA, so not able to talk about it too much. Let's just say: there's nothing to dislike! :-).

Yet again, great networking possibilities! This year, the expo lasted for the entire day, which gave more value for the expo-people, and more possibilities for us to explore the expo and talk to the people!

So, no issues whatsoever?

Sure! Nobody is perfect - so why wouldn't there be? But I don't want to spend my time on it. Bottom line to remember in my opinion: Directions is a fantastic, not-to-miss, convention to go to .. so see you and more people all again next year!

What's the cloud-message all about?
Did you really have to ask? ;-) Let's just say: "Fuzzy", in my humble opinion. But as it's still under NDA .. Let's keep it for another blogpost!

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