Directions EMEA 2012

This blogpost comes too late .. and I would like to apologize for that.

As you might have noticed, I'm quite fond of Directions (EMEA and US). Lots of people, all enthusiastic about NAV, making their living of it .. in one place, talking and doing business .. . Great atmosphere, great networking abilities. The fact that I only blog about it just now is too disrespectful :(. The reason is as always: time! I'm guessing we're all swamped with work .. and i'm not an exception, I'm afraid. Not only at work, but also privately (by rebuilding my house .. and doing most of the work myself..). Anyway ....

Directions EMEA is coming! And fast!

April 25th, over 850 people will gather to attend one of the (if not THE) best conventions regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That means: more than double of last year's event! That is a confirmation that this convention is just a must-go-to!

But we all go for the content, right? Well, take a seat and read this:

  • 3 keynotes, with big names like Dan Brown and Paul White
  • +60 sessions (40 sessions about the very new upcoming NAV 2013!)
  • 20 ISV sessions
  • 12 Roundtables
  • 7 Guided Trainings
  • 12 Self learning trainings
  • ... (I'm not sure I'm able to mention this, so I won't, but I can tell you this: all attendees will get a very exclusive, valuable gift .. and I'm not talking about the lanyards! :-) )

If you're not registered than you must be wondering: damn .. what was I thinking? Wink. And I'm afraid you're not able to change your mind, because the convention is completely sold out!

If you look at the Session Overview, you won't be surprised that it is sold out.. many good session, a lot to learn, a lot of opportunities to catch up whatever you have to catch up with.

And if you look closely .. then you'll find my name on it as well Smile. The Committee has given me the opportunity to speak again for the attendees. This time even two times, and that makes me feel very honored! :-).

TECH 1: Useful tools for getting the most out of NAV

Tools.. . Very interesting and broad topic. And for me, quite a special one, as I'm trying to build some kind of market for our in-house tool. So, I have to make sure this is not going to be (too much) advertising for our tool (and by adding the link to it, makes it already doubtful;-)). What I decided to do, is that I will show you the tools that we use in our company to do, track, monitor, organize, check, ... our developments. That will be the main part of the session, and I'm sure (at least surely hope so) that it can bring you ideas on how you could be handling your developments in-house yourself :-). I will not be naming the software that I will be showing now .. for that, you'll have to attend the session Smile .. but I promise you, it's software that is very cheap, very rich, very easy to use and install, .. which usually means .. very interesting! So please join on Wednesday 17:15!

TECH 2: PRS – A Deep Dive into the Core Architecture of NAV 2013

The second TECH-session is one where I'm a co-speaker, together with Mark Brummel and Gary Winter. As you might have read, we're trying to do something about "development standards" (although that description is far from complete..) with our initiative called "Partner Ready Software". We have been introducing the concept on NAVTechDays and Directions EMEA. This time, we'll go one step further, and we'll go into the NAV 2013 architecture, and go through the do's and don'ts: how it's done, what we like, which methods there are and how to handle them, .. let's say, we'll talk openly on what we think is PRS-like, and what we think could be changed to have a better framework for the future.

I'm at least very much looking forward to Directions EMEA in Rome! C U all there:-)

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