Directions EMEA 2011

Time again to promote one of the best Dynamics NAV events: Directions EMEA 2011.

After last year, I'm double in the mood to go to Directions. It's in a city I always wanted to go to: Berlin (going to visit it prior to the event :-)), and last year, the quality of the event was so good that (sorry to say) my expectations are very high :-):

  • Session content
  • Speakers
  • Organisation
  • Food
  • Girls (oops .. did I say that out loud?)

They always beat previous years .. but beating 2010 is going to be difficult. And if you don't believe me .. Just watch the endmovie here.

This year, the agenda looks once again very promising. Very interesting topis. To name a few:

  • NAV and CRM 2011
  • Partner Tools to Improve Productivity
  • The Cloud
  • Office 365
  • The Cloud
  • NAV and SQL Server Myths and Realities
  • .Net Interop
  • Web Services
  • And uhm .. did I mention "The Cloud" already? ;°)

And the speakerlist is quite impressive as well .. not because I'm on it Wink, but yes-oh-yes .. Kiril Tatarinov will be coming (yes, the one and only "corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions at Microsoft Corp."). I guess I'm going to a Keynote afterall :-). Besides that .. Dan Brown, Jannik Bausager, Mark Brummel, Jesper Raebild, Hynek Muhlbacher (will be nice to see him again :-)), Per Mogensen, Rene Gayer, Claus Lundstrøm, Freddy Kristiansen, .. Just to name a few. Impressive, that's for sure ..

My Session - Web Services

It's a real honor to be on this list .. let's just hope I'll be able to fullfil the needs .. :-). In my opinion it's a very interesting topic .. and i am always surprised that so many people still don't know that much of Web Services. Well .. I will be doing the "publishing" part this time a little bit faster, because I will also go into the "consuming" part .. .

The only downside of my session is the schedule itself: not only on "Friday the 13th" (luckily I'm not that superstitious), but my session is together with't Freddy's session about Windows Phone 7, which is also quite interesting to see, of course .. ;°). Well, I can only do my best .. I have some good ideas (at least in my opinion) to put into my session .. so you won't be disappointed ;°).

Don't forget to register .. and see you all there !

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