Directions EMEA 2010: Windows Azure Applications

I've been looking forward to this session of Freddy. He has been advertising it during our session on Wednesday, and apparently, people listened, because lots of the people that attended our session were here as well. Off course, it's a hot topic as well .. the cloud.. what the hell is that cloud?? And Azure?? I don't know if these questions were really answered during the session, but at least, everyone has got a pretty nice picture now of what it can be useful for ... .

I'm not going to blog all the details, because very soon, Freddy will blog all about it on his blog.

He started out with a simple explanation about Windows Azure: it's some kind of "Cloud Services Operation System" and serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the windows azure platform... . Simply said: it's something out there (hosted by Microsoft) that you can use (or abuse) to put your services .. and off course pay for what you use. If you need a lot of resources, you'll get it automagically (and pay for it, off course), if you don't need it, not. For example, ticket sales for Michael Jackson (he used Bruce Springsteen as an example, but I like Michael Jackson a little bit more :-) ) would have sold out in a matter of minutes. So, in a matter of minutes, you have to be able to sell 40000 tickets, and after that, you need a lot less resources from the server(s). Cloud services is a great way to deal withthis, but not only this, off course.

Cloud services is just something out there, hosted, that you can use to make your setup much easier as well. For your internet applications, you don't have to foresee some hosted environment to do your stuff. It's already there, on Microsoft hardware, and they guarantee it's scalable, secure, reliable and an uptime of 100%.

What a lot of people wonder is whether it's good for hosting ERP .. well, Freddy stated pretty clear that it's definitely not intended for that... so now you know ;°).
He continued by explaining that there are multiple ways of using the web services .. and you can also use NAV 2009 webservice on the internet .. by using a proxy service, which he explains on his blog. Thing is that he showed us how to connect over the cloud (service bus) with a guestbook application and an iPhone app... . Quite nice examples, but again, I'm making it myself easy, and I'm not going into details, because Freddy announced multiple times that he is going to publish everything on his blog .. so you'll be able to find every detail there shortly.

Now, we'll have to think about applications in where we can use "the cloud" ... . It brings us a lot of opportunies. It's just a matter of how creative we are to develop solutions for it .. . It's nice to see that Microsoft are bringing services to the cloud as well (like the Dynamics Online Payments thingy...) .. so we'll have to go on that bus as well.

Good job, Freddy, and keep the blogging comin' :-).

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