Directions EMEA 2010: Testing your functionality

There is nothing much new on the Testing Codeunits Functionality, only that it hasn't been adopted very wel in the NAV community by now. During the session, it was nice to see (again) how it works. I'm not going to explain it again, because Kamil Sacek already did in his blog: Kine's Info and it's quite good explained in the MSDN as well. But, I am going to tell you this:

Application Test Toolkit v2

There is going to be a new "Application Test Toolkit", which will contain testing routines that Microsoft uses internally. This toolkit is a great way to get started with the new types of codeunits for testing your application. The toolkit consist of +200 testing routines, that are used by the product team as well to get you going.

On top of that, they made it possible to run the toolkit in the RTC environment as well. This way, you can test your solution on both the classic client and the RoleTailored client.

The toolkit is NOT for download just yet, but it will be in a couple of days, so download it and start exploring the usefullness for you and your company! I will keep you informed here to download the toolkit as well.. so stay tuned.

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