Directions EMEA 2010 Final Thoughts

It's beginning to sound as a cliché, but once again, Directions EMEA 2010 was great! Outstanding organisation, outstanding sessions, outstanding food .. outstanding girls ;°) (sorry, felt mandatory to mention them as well :-) ). Sure there are always things that could be better, but that's always, everywhere, anytime. One should know that most of this event was realized by only four persons. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the efforts of those guys... and to thank them for the opportunity for me to speak for the audience. I'm always quite nervous doing sessions, but afterwards, it gives a positive feeling .. let's call it satisfaction .. to have been offered (and taken) the opportunity... . Thanks guys! Now I just hope that the session was good enough for being considered next year as well :-).

The hands on labs were great! Good examples, good apps .. even useable applications. Dmitri Chadaev (hope I got his name right) did a great job in this .. . The only remark there I got is: try to do it at the end of the convention, not at the beginning. But that's only a small remark ... . They were of high quality.. .

The sessions that I attended were useful, and i learned a lot. Finally, I got a picture of not only what the cloud is about, but also what we can do with it, and what it involves .. to only mention one thing.

And let's not forget the announcements. Off coure we all know already that NAV 2009 R2 is coming end of this year (Q4 2010) ... and I think I can speak for all that we still hope that the new debugger (or at least a simplified version of it) is going to be included in that release. It's a great initiative, thank you Microsoft. Furthermore, what I didn't mention just yet (I will write a dedicated blog about it), Mark Brummel has written a Book! And not just a book. A book about NAV 2009 SP1 Application Design. It's coming in June. I read it, reviewed it, and I can already say: a big part of the book is going to be mandatory to read at iFacto ... . Thanks, Mark. I know it took you months of intensive writing in the evenings and weekends .. but you can be proud of the result!

So, releases, books .. a lot to look out for ;°)!

A last, somewhat sad announcement is the fact that Jan Silleman is leaving Microsoft. I don't know the official title of Jan, but he was responsible for the sales of Dynamics NAV. Who will take Jan's place? That's for the future to tell. All we can say: Thanks, Jan, for the dedication you showed throughout the years...

To conclude .. the location was just perfect. Great hotel, great service, great food and facilities .. and Prague. Do I need to say more? I wish I'd got more time to visit the city. The people were nice, the city is beautiful. In my opinion, for next year, you can take Prague again as your location :-).

See you next year, guys!

To conclude, some impressions:

To start: a video of the fireworks of the gala-evening.

The last "Dan and Jan" show .. (Jan Silleman is on the far right..)


The middle finger of Mark Brummel after Michael Nielsen told him that he won't read his book (.. Joke, off course Smile)

She wanted a picture of her and me .. or was it the other way around ... (thank you Kamil)

Claus Lundstrum showing the blueprint of "my" page icon (if you want to know more, read the first post about this Directions ;°) ).


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