Directions EMEA 2008

It is not too late ... but still late. I haven't said a word about Directions EMEA 2008 yet, while it has been announced already quite a long time.

Directions EMEA 2008 is a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics NAV event. No CRM. No Axapta. Only the best ERP product around: NAV Wink. Furthermore, it's a partner-only event.

As you could already read in some of my previous blogposts, I have been to quite a few conventions already. Directions US last year in November was one of them. This was the US version of the Directions EMEA (EMEA = Europe, Middle-East and Afrika). It was one of the best conventions I attended ... and one of the cheapest Wink. There were many things that I really liked about it:

  • Many NAV addicts
  • Many very good ISV add-ons
  • Valuable real life information
  • Shared experiences from other partners
  • ...

It comes down to the fact that everyone that attended was a NAV believer, who eats, breaths and even sh**s NAV. It makes networking so easy.

And now there are some enthousiasts that want to organise the same event in the same way with the same focus in Europe. I think it's great and I really would like to motivate all of you to come over and feel what the NAV community is all about.

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