Directions: My Session

I hadn't put this on my blog yet, but people asked me to give a presentation about Hardware on Directions EMEA 2008. I never did something like this before, but I immediately accepted. And I must say, this impulsive decision has caused me quite some headaches and stress lately. Anyway, it's a challenge, it involves some work, but the satisfaction (if you do a good job, off course Wink) is great.

So, Thursday was the big day. After a month of intensive preparation, I was ready to give my presentation.

The title: "Hardware recommendations to make installations hum". Now, I'm really no hardware specialist, but I do (think I) know how to set up and configure the different hardware when it involves a NAV implementation. And it's just that what I talked about... .

In some way, I was quite surprised being so relaxed during the presentation. Actually, I was so releived that I could finally do it, after the hard work I had put into it (research, ppt, timing, scenario, pronounciation, ...). A positive experience .... Worth to do it again.

I want to take this opportunity as well to thank all people that stood by me during my preparation.

I'm not blogging this directions, so I'm not going to do that for my presentation either. Actually, Kriki did a good job on his blog. Thanks kriki. It's weird to be blogged yourself Indifferent.
If you're interested in the presentation, you can download it here.


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