Decisions Spring 2011

It's almost there .. Decisions Spring 2011:

If you're not familiar with the event: well, it's the primary virtual event there is on Dynamics product. In my knowledge, it's the ONLY virtual event there is for Dynamics NAV. It's going to sessions, talking with people, networking, talking with speakers, checking out products ... in short: going to a conference .. all from your favorite sofa at home (or office .. don't know where you favorite sofa is ..). This time, it's again quite an interesting list of content:

And yes, I have a session again as well.

My Session

This time, my session is called "Skills all Dynamics NAV developers need to know today to keep their job". I know, it's a mouthfull .. :-). I took the challenge to talk about this topic, but rather quickly realised that the real challenge was going to be to put everything into an half an hour timeframe .. Because there is much to tell, because the "what" is not alone very interesting .. also the "why" and the "when" and the "how" is something to talk about.. . Check out and see for yourself if I succeeded ;-). It's all recorded already, so in fact I won't have to do anything anymore, just to chat with you after the session :-). See you there!

Our Booth

This time, I'm also sponsoring the event. Why wouldn't I? It's a bunch of people logging into a NAV-specific conference .. en who is working with NAV, is probably also developing (or let people develop) in NAV .. so should be interested in source controlling their developments.. :-). So yes, I'm there with a booth all day, and will be available to talk and present about iFacto ReVision.
Also this is quite new for me, so I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do this: and probably "Microsoft Skype" is going to be the way I will be doing my demo's.. be prepared!.

So if you're not registered yet .. Do so! It's free, it's interesting, it's interactive, it's easy, ... there's no reason not to join!


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