Decisions Fall 2010

Some time ago, I wrote about a NAV Virtual conference, called "NAV Decisions". You can read it here.

Back then it was somewhat new to me .. virtual conferences .. not meeting people in person. May be i'm gettin' old and old-fashioned ... .

I must say .. they have been busy. Thousands of people have been attending the conferences, and with great feedback. Real good speakers have been accomodating the sessions ... with the best onces the upcoming Decisions Fall 2010 .. because I'm going to be one of the speakers .. haha .. just kidding of course Smile.

I will be doing the same session as I did during Directions: Making Web Services Work for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementer. A functional session about a technical topic. This was challenging at Directions, but is even more challenging at Decisions: at Directions, I had 60 minutes and whole my body (and that's a lot .. ), at Decisions, I only have 30 minutes and it's virtual .. people don't see me .. . I just did my recording and I must say .. not really the same as being on stage in front of people ;°). Very special and new experience :-).

Don't get me wrong .. I think it's really worthwile to spend your time following these sessions .. I only hope that I did a good job in explaining in what I wanted to explain ... I guess I'll notice that when I get the questions and feedback ;°).

During the conference, you get good information, lots of information .. of good people (may be not me, but anyway .. ;°) ) and if that wasn't enough .. you get the opportunity to ask questions.

Now that I was involved in the preparation in the upcoming Decisions, I realized it's a very mature organisation that put a lot of time in preparing, reviewing and selecting the information. All for you, all for free.. .

So, schedule your schedules, clear your calendar .. and make sure you register for the Decisions Fall 2010 - Dynamics NAV Day on November 3th.

Where? In your own chair in your own home or office Smile.



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