Dan Brown leaves NAV

Sad news …

Today, I got a mail from Mark Brummel, with at subject I first couldn't believe: "Dan Brown leaves NAV". He'd put Gary (Winter) also in cc .. and Gary's reaction was clear: "bad news, bad news .. Rats!".

Who's Dan Brown?

Wel, I don't mean this fellow, but I do mean the General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics NAV R&D (please do click that link ;-)) for the last 4,5 years.

In my opinion: one of the best things that happened to NAV lately. The (r)evolution to NAV2009 was under his watch, as is NAV2013 .. so I must say .. I share Gary's opinion completely: rats!

As he states himself in his latest (en probably last) Dynamis NAV Blog Post, Dan left Denmark in Summer to be closer to his family. The rest is obvious and somewhat inevitable, isn't it? I can only say: thank you Dan, for everything you did for NAV and its community .. make the best of it!

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