Convergence Diary: What's new in 5.0 SP1

Martin Nielander (from the systained engineering team) and Jesper Reabild wanted to give an overview of what SP1 of version 5.0 has to offer. I know it on the SQL side, but may be there are other things that were added.

He started off to give an overview what 5.0 already had to offer on top of 4.0. It was already a huge improvement in functionality.

The SP1 improvements are grouped in three major things:

  • Application Enhancements
    • General Improvements
    • Small Features
    • Planning Engine Refactoring
  • Platform Improvements
    • SQL Server Performance Optimization
  • New Business Opportunities
    • Mobile Solutions

So first the Application enhancements. They did over 300 enhancements (or should I say bug fixes) based on feedback from partners and customers (Wow, that's huge). Furthermore, a few small nice things are included, like:

  • Document Line Comments
  • Document Archiving Improvements
  • Sales and Purchasing Improvements

Time for a demo. The document line comments is just in for example a sales document, click on line/Comments. A disadvantage: you don't see it right away! So there is no indication on the lines that there is a comment added to a specific line. Come on guys, that's a small effort Indifferent! They even recommended that when you add a comment on the line, you should also add a comment like "there is a comment on lines" on the header. I will do a customization on the default SP1 database right away to improve this... . It's a good new feature, but has to be somewhat finished in my opinion Wink.

There is a new checkbox in the sales & Receivables Setup: Archive Quotes and Orders. In the navigation pane, there are extra links under "history". Finally, automatical archiving of orders and quotes is now a fact. The next step will be to restore them, which is not possible yet. You could always use the Copy Document feature, I guess. Furthermore, the same is available on the Purchase side. This is available in the 'smal business licensing' model.

Furthermore, there is now a Vendor Purchase History (like there already was for sales, now there is for purchase as well). There are some other small improvements, where he didn't go deep into.

Indeed, it's a small feature push. Definitely nice and asked many times by the end users.

To conclude the application enhancements, there has been done a "Planning Engine Refactoring". The main message is that the engine is rewritten (about 40% of the code) so that it's more easy to understand for developers what's in it. Martin excused himself not being a planning engine expert, but still, he did a demo. In the Planning Worksheet, there are now working icons available. The icons show you what's going in. Clicking on the icons give you the warnings per line that made it create the line (if you understand what I mean ... ). You get now a better system response in regards to planning messages: Emergency messages, Exception messages, Attention messages.

Next, the Platform Improvements. They have been doing the following optimizations:

  • No deferred prepare of SQL Statements to avoid parameter sniffing on SQL Server
  • Pre-processing of SQL Statements to avoid requests for empty resultsets
  • Bulk Insert: NAV will submit multiple statements at the same time
  • Indexed views in stead of SIFT tables

The last thing is the "Mobile Solutions" as a new business opportunity. Microsoft Dynamics Mobile is a platform on which to build mobile applications. ISV's are picking this up, so expect a lot of applications to pop up that uses this platform. One of the applications to show the possibilities of the platform, is "Mobile Sales" on a pocket PC.

A Demo. There is not really much new to say about the application. Good to know is that the framework is very flexible. You can use bluetooth, wifi, cable, offline and synch, ... actually whatever to connect with your NAV database. He showed the six steps you need to create a sales order (with scanning the item and such) and the fact it synched with NAV. They didn't go into the architecture "because it was explained in an earlier session".

To conclude, some Upgrade Considerations. As you know, you can choose between two possibilities:

  • Technical upgrade
    • No upgrade of business logic
    • Upgrade of the technical platform for NAV
  • Full Upgrade
    • Upgrade of the technical platform for NAV
    • Upgrade of customizations
    • Conversion and Migration of data

Keep in mind, if you want to go to the NAV2009 RoleTailored client, you'll have to upgrade to the latest version (5.0 SP1).

This concluded the session. It was a nice short overview of what SP1 has to offer. I hope it was useful for you.


Comment List
  • @Waldo: If the future is not yet made at this point (Q2), availability of NAV2009 in Q4/2008 is not an option.

    PS: Waldo, thanks for the great job keeping us updated!

  • No official confirmation yet.  And if you ask, they say something like "we are indeed really trying to avoid a datamigration".  

    Personally, I can understand why they want to keep their options open.  You never know what the future is going to bring... .

  • [quote user="waldo"]

    Keep in mind, if you want to go to the NAV2009 RoleTailored client, you'll have to upgrade to the latest version (5.0 SP1).


    This reminds me, I have been trying for about 18 months now to get an answer of whether there will be a Data conversion required for 2009. Have they stated anything yet about that.