Convergence 2011 Atlanta

The past few years, I have been attending a great deal of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Conventions throughout the world .. and I have been writing about them .. a lot, like you can see here. Yesterday, Convergence 2011 US started .. .

Due to circumstances, I will not join Convergence this year.. and I say this with pain in the heart. Convergence US is a GREAT convention .. . You see nothing but enthusiastic people that are trying to get the most out of their investment .. partners that are trying to learn on how to do more, or how to solve their specific problems .. . You see GP people getting smart .. which means .. turning over to NAV because of the never-seen simplicity and flexibility.. . AND you learn a lot from all those things, the solutions, the solutions of other products, that could be interesting for NAV as well .. . A great atmosphere!

This year, it's in the same place as last year .. which was kind of a disappointment for me (although now that I'm not going .. I don't really care Wink) .. there are better places then Atlanta in my opinion.

But hey .. I'm staying in Belgium. Except from the fact that there will be a very big announcement (at least .. I heard that there is going to be one) today or tomorrow .. you don't have to expect me blogging too much about Convergence this year .. .

For the people who are there .. have a great time and make it worthwhile!

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