Convergence 2010 - NAV General Session

Dan Brown started out to make a point: in every aspect in his life, there is NAV involved. So he did a competition with Jan Silleman, where they tried to name as much NAV Customers as possible, which are a daily influence in their live. Both Dan and Jan came up with Wind Surfing Materials, cheese, Carlsberg, Adidas, BMW, VW, NAV Winery (Napa Valley if I'm not mistaken). But also Stanley ... who happens to be a customer of iFacto, my company :-) (we handle the European services). Nice coincidence.

Jan Silleman continued with the three focuspoints of Dynamics NAV: Simplicity (which is my personal favorite),Value (which I obviously also care about), Innovation (ok, I'm in favour of all three of them).

To insure that your solution is good, tested, ... you (as customer) should choose for a solution that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. Now, I have a few problems with that. It's good that a solution is tested .. but a solution can only be certified when it was implemented at least at 10 customers. So, if customers would only choose for certified solutions, then we wouldn't have new solutions anymore. Ok, I know, this is quite extreme ... so just forget it ;°).

When going into the business productivity, Jesper Raebild came on stage to give us a demo. The spotlighted the familiarities, the usibility of the new rtc client, by doing everything on keyboard (without the mouse):

  • CTRL+F3: search pages. He searched for the sales quotes list.
  • CTRL+N: New Sales Order
  • Search as you type when you select a Customer
  • F6 will take you to the lines
  • Insert a line
  • CTRL+Enter to exit and save (duh ... It's always saved!)

Next, he went to an existing sales order. He showed the changed action pane where he grooped actions in sequence the user needed it. So he changed action groups to make the business process more visual.

He continued with the Edit in Excel demo ... people always love this .. I use it always as well. He showed the conflict window and the validation in the Excel application.

Then, the addins. Again, the familiar things were shown: the Treemap addin, the wheather control, the map visualisation. If you read freddy's blog, it will all be familiar to you. To conclude, Jesper showed the reporting capabilities: matrix, conditional formating, datails, interactivity, ... . Also here, the familiar "Sales Dashboard" was shown .. and people loved it (I can imagine that lots of customers see this for the first time).

Next, Jan showed a video of the biggest Zoo (animal park) in England (of which I forgot the name). They implemented NAV 2009 SP1 and are happy with it. Off course. It's a commercial. What else did you expect? :-)

Yannick was the next person on stage. May be you remember Yannick,being presenter on the previous annual event of the Belgian Dynamics Community? May be you don't, but anyway ... I do ;°). Yannick continued with the value of upgrading. He explained the:

  • Product Value, which includes feature improvements, process improvements, platform improvements, and user experience innovations.
  • Business Impact, like being legally compliant (don't get me started about VAT 2010, guys...). But also "Customer Satisfaction", "Business Productivity" (think about the integration capabilities you have now with Web Services), "IT Consolidation", "more Users using the system".
  • Yannick even stated: Upgrades Made Easy (hm, how do you mean, my friend?). You got the option to outsource the upgrade process (true, there are upgrade centers. I'm using one as well). Plus, there is Sure Step. Using this methodology, you are one step closer in doing it successfully, as there is a process in place that assures the necessary steps that have to be taken - and it's followed up correctly (hm, it's not going to make sure it's going to be easy, but is sure is a tool that can help to make it manageable...).

Next, a video of a German customer (of which I didn't get the name again ... damn, what's wrong with me???). They did an upgrade from 3.70 to NAV 2009 in three months. At the same time, they introduced the manufacturing functionality ... .

So, to conclude, General Manager Dan Brown took over to talk about the Vision:

  • Simplicity
  • Productivity
  • User Experience
  • Leadership
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Rapid Time-to-Value

He continued with NAV'7' Value Propositions:

  • Compelling Application Functionality:
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Improved Planning usability
    • Costing Improvments
  • More Users, More productive
    • The SharePoit Clieznt
    • User Experience Improvments
    • Visualizaions and KPI's
  • S+S:
    • Dynamics online payment services
    • 64-bit Server
    • RTC over the internet
  • Rapid Time-to-Value
    • Microsoft product integration
    • RT administation
    • SureStep and RIM

Jesper came back on stage .. so are we going to get a demo? Yes, off course. Jesper showed a view on the Inventory, which was actually quite cool. It was a graphical view on what our inventory of a certain item is going to be in the future .. on posted lines, but also from MRP. Cool! I wonder if they are going to release this in '7'..

Next, we saw some screenshot of the upcoming SharePoint client. And it all looked very familiar ... if I may state it like this: the client was ported directly to sharepoint. Both views of a certain page was very similar, with modal forms and all!

This was a very good general session, which tend to be all marketing fluff, but now consisted of good and valuable information.

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