Convergence 2010 - Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 Web Services

Next session for me was one of Freddy Kristiansen. I mentioned Freddy quite a lot in the past, being the Mekka of NAV 2009 Web Services and such... but you know Freddy of his blog. Freddy is a PM Architect who (in my understanding) can work on stuff they like. And if you read Freddy's blog, you'll notice that's exactly what he does.

You can use Web Service applications for any type of appcliations, for example Desktop applications. There are many examples: Edit in Excel, a Search gadget, Bing Maps, ... .

Freddy gave a demo of Edit In Excel, and explained how it worked in general: the fact the it's not NAV that pushed data to Excel, but the Excelapplication is getting the data through web services. Next, he showed the Bing Maps functionality that you can download from his blog as well. To conclude, he showed some gadgets: My customers, the search, ... .

Next topic was "Intranet Applications". For example the "resource journal" (read: time registration) and "mobile integrations via WIFI". He did a demo of a very simple web applicaiton where it was possible to fill in the resource journal to give in timesheets.

Following challings would be "Extranet Applications". You know, these are not really possible, because of the fact that you need active directory, which is not available outside your network. Sometimes you need a proxy. So, for your vendor to give in orders, or customers to do some ordering ... please use a proxy web service for this. How to build one? Read Freddy's blog. As a demo, he used a console application, being the customers, who monitors that statusses and delivering dates of that sales order. This service could be used by customers to integrate in their application to monitor the purchases.

What about Windows Azure? Freddy showed a Windows Azure application, being a "guestbook". He connected this with an NAV database through web services. How he did it, I don't know, but he did it. We might go into details later .. so read on ;°). But what you saw was an online guestbook application on azure where people could leave a message. Freddy created a contest with it, where people could win t-shirts by leaving a message in his guestbook.

Now, we'll go into code ... . First Freddy explained how to create a web service and zoomed into his bing maps application, wich is a web service, based on a codeunit. After that, he also showed the difference with a page-based web service. After that, he opens Visual Studio to create a simple application, updating a customers on-the-fly... . Not really challenging ... but it showed the simplicity what we love so much.

That was it .. question time.

It was cool to see all the people that reached to their pens and paper when Freddy showed the slide where the URL of his blog was mentioned. Apparently people will dive into it .. and they're all right :-).

Good job, Freddy.

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  • Well, I had lunch with Freddy just a few days ago, so i know he's still alive.  He must have been busy... .

    I know that Freddy likes to forward to Mibuso for asking questions, as this is easier to follow up, and you have more chance to get answers from others..

  • I agree. Freddy's blogs helped us a lot but Where is Freddy now? left some questions on his blogs but no answer at all.