Convergence 2010 - Day 2

Sorry for not getting back to you with my Convergence Diary, but there was just not much to say about Day 2. At least not to you. I have been on Expo Duty (on Microsoft pavilion) for three hours, and the rest of the time, I was in meetings or "interactive discussion"-session, which are impossible to blog about.

Interactive Discussion: Web Services

One of the sessions was an interactive discussion about NAV 2009 Web Services. I was actually quite surprised that this session was far from full. Only about 15 attendees. No problem there, because one might expect that things might get more interactive, but also that wasn't the case. On the other hand, it was good enough, the 60 minutes still got filled up, so ... good job there for Michael and Freddy. There is though one thing I would like to mention from the session that came up: when to use a codeunit and when to use a page. This is something so obvious for some, but things might get ugly when you don't think this through enough. In fact, when you use a page, you're very flexible. You have a bunch of methods available to work with a dataset. You got a bunch of fields available ... And so on. BUT. If you base your application on a page that might get changed (customer, vendor, item ... page like that), you might want to reconsider this, as this might resolve in continuously recompiling your application, as the contract of the webservice (is it called like this?) gets changed all the time when you change the page. In that case, you might want to use a dedicated codeunit ... or use dynamic web references (which I tend to do - I hope I'm using the right words here). So, when building your solution, please keep that in mind.

Dynamics NAV Test Drive

Another thing: the new website "Dynamics NAV Test Drive" was launched this Convergence, which you might like. Here is the URL: . What you will find there are movies that click through the product (Dynamics NAV 2009, off course) in different scenario's. It's something you definitely have to check out. For sales, this is an easy way to get new customer familiar with the product. This is not education, this is just familiarisation (if ever that's gonna be a word).


On Expo, I just have to give info about NAV on customers and partners. Helping them with problems they have, guiding them in the right direction for whatever they want to build, listen to feedback, or ... . I have had nobody (but really nobody) that was purely negative on NAV. People had questions, and questionmarks, but nobody disliked the product. Some disliked the partners, ok, but nobody disliked the product... . Nice!

I will be doing some sessions today, so more to follow...

Your reporter.


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