Convergence 2010 Atlanta

It's over, done, gedaan ... . I spent a three-week holiday in the States, driving around in the State parks like Grand Canyon (indeed, David ;°) )and such ... seen a LOT of things, people, ... ate a LOT of (bad) food (and gained about 7 kilos). Now I'm ending my 4-week US adventure in Atlanta with Convergence ... and it looks promising. Too bad I had to miss out the user-group day yesterday as I arrived too late, but anyway ... .

You can imagine, three weeks away from work, that means: lots of emails. When I opened my mailbox this morning, I had about 686 unread mails. Luckily some of them were spam .. 592 without spam :(. So I had to make a difficult choice: go to the keynote, which I always love (take this in the most sarcastic way you can), or start going through my mails. I went online for the second, because I had some mails with appointments during this convergence, and to check my schedule for the expo ... and off course to know what's going on with my company. And i got stuck in my mails, missing the keynote ... . Oops...

Now, still 385 mails to go, I'm off to the first real NAV session (general session with Dan Brown), which I will be blogging about in my next post.

So, all what's left for me is wishing you a nice reading for the upcoming Convergence-posts...

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