Convergence 2008 Orlando: what will I do & the "Green Initiative"

On monday, I will be off to Convergence US 2008 in sunny Orlando.

I have some mixed feelings about it this time (don't worry - enough positive feelings to be looking out for it): Leaving my children behind / traveling alone / not many people I know that are comming over (I'm the only NAV MVP and only a few people from the product team that I know - I think I will spend much time with Olga - hope she likes my company Wink).

On the other hand, there is a whole new area that is new to convergence: the Community & Learning Area. I will have a specific role in this area as I will have to "host" the "Ask The Experts" table for Dynamics NAV. I don't know what to expect from this, but it sounds challenging Smile. This is not the only thing I will have to do. I will also be involved in staffing the booths on the Microsoft Pavilion for Dynamics NAV (as my GP knowledge is a bit rusty Wink). It's slightly different as last year (last year, I "manned" an ISV booth on the Microsoft Pavilion because we (with iFacto) were involved in the ISV Beta Access Program) ... but at least equally interesting Smile.

There are also quite interesting sessions. There are more NAV sessions then ever before - which is a very good sign for the US market. Furthermore, there are much more interactive sessions (110 in stead of 60) - which I prefer above all the "marketing fluff" Wink. I have been completing my schedule with sessions I didn't attend yet in previous conferences - or sessions that are in line with my daily job. As you might already expect - there will be a number of blog posts comming up about Convergence next week Wink. Hope you enjoy it.

To conclude, I would like to shed some light on one remarkable effort of the Convergence organisation team sometimes described as "the Green Initiative". Namely: Microsoft would like to reduce the Environmental impact of Convergence - and they want to do this by these efforts:

  • Giving all attendees a reusable water bottle to fill at water cooler stations
  • The majority of conference-created collateral will be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • All CommNet stations will be stocked with recycled paper
  • Nearly all giveaways are made with a certain percentage of recycled materials
  • Badge holders will be collected at the end of the event to be reused at a future microsoft dynamics and convergence events
  • Evaluation prizes include t-shirts made with organic cotton and other solar-powered gadgets
  • The Conference Store will be stocking a variety of environmentally friendly merchandise
  • The disposable plates and bowls used during certain meals are made of a biodegradable sugarcane by-product
  • Menus will incorporate a variety of locally-grown and organic ingredients.
  • Left-over food wil also be donated to a local food bank.

I find this a really nice effort they're doing which was important enough for me to put in the picture. Nice going, Microsoft!


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