Convergence 2007 Diary: MVP contribution

I didn't have the chance to follow any sessions whatsoever. It seems that the MVP contribution involves more that I expected.

First, we had our MVP Lunch meeting. Nothing I can say about that, but it was an interesting talk with the Microsoft people.

Second, I had to man the "Information Desk". I was wondering what it involved, because what the hell do I know of anything involving the organisation of the Microsoft Pavilion. People were joking with it during lunch that many people would ask for the toilet and stuff ... but that was luckily not the case (only David, Rene, Mark, ... couldn't find that toilet Wink). Actually, the most popular question was "where is person x from microsoft?". Like we would have some kind of RFID locating system that can locate people in this humongous building. Anyway, it was interesting. I met Michelle and some other guy from "training" and "documentation" at Vedbaek and we had a nice talk about live at Vedbaek Smile.

Next, I had to attend the "MVP kiosk". At this kiosk, people can ask some questions about the MVP Program, Community and all that. But I must say ... the most common question was how the gadget we were distributing works: the sonic balls. Nevertheless, I've had an interesting time. The fact that the kiosk was part of the Microsoft pavilion, everybody could see and find us, and we had the opportunity to meet and speak to very interesting people (Microsoft and non-microsoft). I love b eing there and talking to all those people, and that's also why I'm attending less sessions then other conventions (which you might have noticed Wink).

There were other opportunities concerning interaction with the NAV development team, which made my schedule pretty full, but also which made my day Smile.


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