Convergence 2007 Diary: General NAV Session (for customers)

Mogens Elsberg started off with a fairy tale... Really.  How the NAV story started (with the 3 guys from which I didn't get the names) to the fact ware "Big Bill G." wanted a conference call to talk about a joint venture... .  I must say, it was quite a original way to point out that NAV is succesful as hell.


You could see that also on the number of people that attended this general session.  If I remember correctly, there are 3300 registeres parters+customers.  I could see at least 1500 people attending this session.  That says to me that NAV is popular as hell in EMEA.


Especially for my colleague-MVP Kamil: Kine, Czeck Republick is going to be on 5.0.  Not in Q1 2008 ... The date is "to be decided", but it's coming!!! Smile FINALLY.  There is a huge list, so not able to copy it from the screen, but many many countries is planned to be on 5.0.


I was thinking that this session was going to be the same as yesterday, on partner day, but it was completely different.  Yesterday, in the beginning of the session, we had the delay of 6.0 ... But nothing mentioned so far (It seems that I'm not able to attend the complete session because I have a meeting in a few moments... So I might miss that statement to the customers).


Anyway ... It was already demo time...

Michael Rosenorm showed again the outlook integration.  The export of the item list to a price list... .  Jesper Reabilt showed the document approval functionality with even seinding a mail to the approver, and a link to the form in NAV.

Furthermore, Michael showed the Item tracing functionality.  I love the treview on that... Smile.


After this, a German customer explains why he's so glad with NAV Wink.  The customer was Markant.  Sorry, but this part was boring Sad.  I'm here for the product, not for Markant's Story... and it was not very well presented either.


Niels Nybo Jensen presented the "Value of Upgrade".  The reason to upgrade is simple, according Niels.  It's just "getting most out of your business". 


... Sorry, I had to go for my meeting ...

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