CodeGenius for NAV2009 RTC Client

My second auto-blog entry ... . Now I should be heading to San Francisco ... Alcatraz, here I come (but won't stay ... [:/])!

If you're a NAV developer, you all probably know CodeGenius. It's a small but powerful tool when you're a NAV consultant. Here you can find out all about it.

I always use it for the "Client Manager", not that much for the coding. Now, with NAV 2009, we've got a new client, and CodeGenius seems not to support that. You're wrong. There is a way to do it all... . It's just a matter of combining ... .

This is how ...

Just go to GodeGenius Studio and add a "Third Party" shortcut. You'll have this screen:

In command line, you select the exe of the roletailored client. This is the default:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe

And in the "Arguments" section, you can use the DynamicsNAV://... type of notation. You can find more info about these shortcuts on Mark's blog or on MSDN. For example:

DynamicsNAV://LocalHost:7046/DynamicsNav/"CRONUS International Ltd."

Or, if you want to go a little bit further, you could include the role that you want to start as well:

DynamicsNAV://LocalHost:7046/DynamicsNav/"CRONUS International Ltd." -profile:"ORDER PROCESSOR"

Or, if you still want to take it a little bit further, you could include the configuration-mode option:

DynamicsNAV://LocalHost:7046/DynamicsNav/"CRONUS International Ltd." -profile:"ORDER PROCESSOR" -configure

Bottom line, CodeGenius works for the RTC as well ... in its full glory. You can control all available options. Just combine the hyperlinks and the shortcuts in CodeGenius.

Enjoy ... and also, many thanks to "Gerard Robbertsen" for this great tool!

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