Business Central W1 Docker image with data

You probably know this. I just write this post because I didn’t up until today.

I’m using Docker quite regularly (well, if you find “pulling an image twice a day” is regular) .. and I have been using mostly these two repositories according my needs (for more info, look here):

  • “” for the very latest version (the future release)
  • “microsoft/bcsandbox” for the current release

Data gone

Since quite some time, the databases on this image didn’t hold any data anymore. We could import data using RapidStart Packages – and for a while, this is what I did .. . If you want to know more, here you can find some more info:

This could take a while – so I only did it when I really needed demo data.


Up until today, when a colleague found out that there is actually a docker tag we can set that is the W1-version WITH data! The magic tag is “base”. He found it somewhere deep in the github-issue-list, as a comment by Freddy. To quote Freddy:

If you use microsoft/bcsandbox:base, then you will get w1 demo data.

base is the foundation of all languages and will contain the on-prem w1 db.

master insider builds with :w1 will contain the saas demo data.

So there you go – I changed all my scripts so they use these docker images now:

  • “
  • “microsoft/bcsandbox:base

And VOILA – data!

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