Biggest Role Center ever!

WARNING: the contents of this blog is intended to be a joke! No Role Centers like this should be created .. at least that's my opinion.

So why do you write this junk then, waldo?

Just because it's funny. Recently, I bought myself an iMac (oh no....). Yep, I did! I bought it for three reasons:

  • I can run Windows on it if i want to
  • It has a huge screen with a huge resolution (2560 x 1440) which is as sharp as hell.
  • And be honest .. it looks good :-).

Together with that, what I hear of consultants when they implement the Role Center, customers keep on asking: I need all roles.. . Can't you create a role center with everything in it?

I always ask .. "do you really want that"? "Do you really think that works efficiently"?? They don't care, they just want it.

Now, besides the fact that I refuse in delivering such nonsense, I created a SUPER rolecenter on my Mac, just for the heck of it.. and this is the result:

So now you can use this, and tell your customers: do you really want this?? I don't think so ... :-)

If you might wonder: this is no photoshop, or whatever. It's indeed possible to use more then 2 columns on a rolecenter-page. I don't mean that you SHOULD do it, but it's possible. It's even possible to use a rolecenter-page as a part of your application (not being a rolecenter, but just a page that is calle by an action) .. . but probably you already knew all this.. .

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Ps, anyone care to beat this :-)? Just an idea: when working on multiple screens, one could create even a bigger one :-).

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  • Well, I deliberately didn't make this available as a download .. it's just an "idea" what it would look like .. .  And it looks like crap if you ask me.

    On the other hand, if someone DOES want this .. then it's the partner's job to either create it, or discourage it.. .

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