Belgian Dynamics Community - Windows Phone 7 app

Next Thursday, december 8th, the next "Connection Day", organized by the "Belgian Dynamics Community" will be happening .. and it's a promesing one. At least .. it's definitely a nice agenda.

First of all, there's a Keynote of the famous Guus Krabbenborg, partner in a Dutch based consulting company "Partner Master Class". I think he's very well known in the benelux by his "Terdege" newsletter - read by pretty well the entire NAV Community in the Benelux. He will give an overview of the cloud transformation process, with opportunies and threats.

After that .. it should have been Freddy Kristiansen's turn (you know - from Freddy's blog.). A few months ago, I invited him to do a session about a Windows Phone app - which extends the business application. I saw that session once (I thought at Directions EMEA) and I really liked it. He accepted .. but unfortunately had to cancel it, because of a conflict in his agenda.. .

Nevertheless, I still wanted to go through with it - it being just too interesting not to show - so I took the challenge to do the session myself. I've been in contact with Freddy, making it work on my environment .. and I have been studying that solution - and the cloud in general - ever since :-/ .

Of course, I'm not a c# guru like Freddy, and I won't pretend it to be. But I have one advantage - I didn't understand sh*t about the cloud .. so I might know how to explain it to you ;°).

The session is going to be quite a technical session, which - I hope - is going to show you how the cloud can simplify your life (sometimes, when you want to simplify things, you have to invest in complexity .. (OK, ignore that .. just wanted to sound more intelligent than I actually am .. )).

See you Thursday!

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