BDC Connection Day - The Next Generation of ERP and CRM

It has been a long time since I have been blogging about sessions in the Belgian Dynamics Community .. you know .. our local (mostly offline) community initiative for networking and knowledge sharing.. . well, we have been busy, don't worry .. lots of sessions, and lots of people .. just didn't want to make the rest of the world too jealous ;°).

But now again, there are cool things to report Smile.

Microsoft Corp is coming over from Vedbaek (where (by the way) the development team of Dynamics NAV is based ... ) to Belgium to share all there is to share about the brand new Dynamics Connector (the NAV - CRM link..).

You can find more info here.

This session is going to be interesting for both technical as functional people, specialized in either Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV. This is the first time we are doing a joined session for both types of people.. . The CRM people will see what NAV is all about .. the NAV people will see what CRM is all about .. and eventually, we'll see how to use both in the most efficient way.. .

And not only the information is interesting .. you'll be able to ask questions, give feedback, talk to the persons responsible, ... .

Everyone is welcome!

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