BDC: Connection Day - Software + Services

It has been a while since I posted an update on the Belgian Dynamics Community (BDC). You know, "the thing" that we (a few others and me) started two years ago. "The thing" .. being a community that organizes events (some info evenings about a number of topics regarding the Microsoft Dynamics products). In the beginning, it was all about Microsoft Dynamics NAV ... but now, also AX and CRM evenings are organised. So, I think we can say it has grown to a full worthy "Dynamics" Community, isn't it?

You can imagine .. three products, 6 evenings per product per year is 18 evenings, plus some customer visits and such ... it involves quite some work. To do this a little bit "efficiently", we came up with the concept of "Connection Days". The concept is to organize one evening, for all three products ... about the same topic. Last time we had the topic "Business Intelligence". It was a very (VERY) succesful evening. We had to stop the registration about one week before the event, because we already had 100 attendees (which is the limit ... If we only had an unlimited amount of money Smile). The sessions were good .. . The only negative feedback we got was that people got something else that they expected. Too technical for functional people, too functional for technical people. Let's say ... the session description seemed to have been quite vague ... .

That's the reason I write this blogpost. I would like to give some more information about the upcoming event, next week on the 28th of January.

This time, it's the same deal. We already have over 100 people registered, so we're putting every effort into it to make it worthwhile. The topic this time: "Software + Services".

As this is a NAV blog (and I'm BDC Product Lead (or how do you kids call it these days ...) for NAV ... so can't go into detail for the other products...), I will only talk about the NAV session that will take place.

Originally, the topic of the NAV session was simply " Extending the Value of Dynamics NAV with Web Services ". The intention was to make it a purely technical session. Why? I have been giving quite some sessions about Web Services, but never went into code ... while every time, technical people were in the room (one might expect when doing a session about web services ...), and every time, I got the comment that "I didn't go technical enough". This time, it was (is..) time for code. And that's what we have been communicating.

Now, people in Denmark seem to be following the happenings at the BDC as well .. and noticed we were doing sessions about S+S. They found it so interesting they volunteered to participate. Jesper Lachance Ræbild is flying over to Belgium, especially to join our NAV Session. This is something we couldn't refuse, because it makes the evening so more useful. Why?

Jesper is going to talk about Dynamics ERP, Hosting and "Attached Services". Microsoft is releasing services "in the cloud" that we, as NAV consultants, will be able to easily attach our NAV System with. There is already one useful service ... which I will not reveal just yet. That's for during the session. Curious, are yah? ARE YAH?? (Okay Okay, I will be writing a review to keep everyone up-to-date ;°)).

Anyway .. that means the agenda for the NAV session is slightly going to change. First we will have Jesper with "the stuff in the cloud" ... things you should know for understanding the value of Software + Services. After ... you will still have the technical part, that will be hosted by myself (sorry if that is a disappointment ..). So, first the "bla bla", then the "boom boom".

Looking forward seeing you there ... and for those who can't attend ... watch the blog for the review.

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