AL Extension Pack for VSCode

I totally forgot to blog about this – so let me quickly catch up with this one.. :-).

Some time ago, after explaining my most used VSCode Extensions for AL Development for (about) the 829th time – I decided to make my life a bit easier. I already came across the concept of creating a VSCode Extension that act like packages that automatically install other extensions.  An “Extension Pack”, if you will ;-).

So … here is the …

AL Extension Pack

You can find it here:

And obviously, you can also download it from within VSCode

What does it do?

Well, if you install the AL Extension Pack in VSCode, it will simply automagically install all these extensions as well:

  • CRS AL Language Extension
  • AL Variable Helper
  • AL Code Outline
  • AL Object Designer
  • Create GUID
  • vscode-icons
  • AL Language
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
  • Docker Explorer
  • GitLens
  • Git History
  • PowerShell
  • snippet-creator
  • Rest Client
  • TODO Highlight
  • TODO Tree

These are the extensions that I think are indispensable to decently develop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Even more, if you install the “AL Extension Pack”, you will automatically get new extensions that I would include in the pack.

So … If you have ANY …


Please, do not hesitate to provide it in the issues-section of the github repository of this extension here: Is there anything missing? Is there a better one? Anything! Always appreciated!


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