10 years waldo’s blog

112613_0737_Whereswaldo1.jpgI didn’t realize something .. but since April this year, I have been blogging for a full 10 years. Not THE most important topic ever created – definitly not when Microsoft announces big new things like Microsoft 365 and such – but hey, it’s holiday-season ;-).

I still remember why I started blogging: I just received my very first MVP award for my contributions on MiBuSo .. and I wanted to do something “more” .. and give back. Mark Brummel started blogging just before me, and that seemed like a nice idea. And it had other benefits for myself as well:

  • I build up some kind of “knowledge base” .. very useful, as I tend to forget stuff quite fast ;-).
  • And I learn my English somewhat :-). Somewhat…

I started blogging on the DynamicsUser community – which offered blog-capabilities. And it appears still to be there: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/waldo/ . :-) Thanks, Erik (Ernst) for helping me to get going – and also for keeping that up!

In 2012, I turned to my own webspace. Mainly because I wanted to change the design, and wanted to have some statistics on the readers (basically I wondered if people actually were reading this trash ;-)). Control-fread that I am ..

Some fun facts & stats

In total, I have written 489 posts .. 490 including this one. From all of them, this is my first blog post, most than 10 years ago: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/waldo/posts/waldo-s-new-blog.

As said, I don’t have a clue on the statistics for the first five years .. I was told that I had about 700 people subscribed to the blog .. meaning they got all a mail with the blog article whenever I wrote one .. amazing:-).

Now, I do have some stats on my own wordpress site .. so here we go. For the last 5 years:

  • Folowers
    • A total of 693 “real” followers (either wordpress, or people that signed up with their email). Thank you sencerely for this. It’s your enthusiasm that keeps me going ;-).
    • On top of this, 1852 get bothered on social media as well – split over Facebook and Twitter.. . Well – even more, but LinkedIn is not accounted for by wordpress..
  • The most popular day you guys read my blog is on Tuesday, and the most popular time is 8 am (you guys are early birds.. :-))
  • I have been bothering you with at least one post every single month – does that make me a “regular blogger”? ;-). Not a single month was passed without a blog article…
  • Views
    • It appears that the number of views have been going up each year – except this year, it looks like it’s going to be less. Well, I can understand. The blog posts lately have been about very specific and narrow topics – PowerShell, VSCode, .. . May be it’s a good idea to talk about regular stuff again .. I dont know .. let’s see .. I usually just go with whatever is on my mind or come across in my daily work ..
    • I got 681275 views since I moved to wordpress, with 227922 views in 2017 .. .
    • These views were done by 308525 visitors
    • My best day had 2632 views. Guess which post caused it
  • And apparently, you use the tags (and the tagcloud) as well – where “Development” is the most used tag (not surprisingly this is one of my most used tags as well ;-))

It’s been quite a journey. Thank you very much to make this journey with me, and let’s go for another 10 years? Who knows ;-).


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