Webinar: Leveraging Git

It’s been a few days that I announced the “Leveraging Git” webinar on my Twitter and LinkedIn and I hope nobody will mind if I announce it on my blog.

So, here we go.

Every year I deliver between five to ten trainings. This year, I delivered a grand total of zero, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Times are changing, and I need to adapt. So, following the example set by my two friends, Waldo and AJ, who have already delivered webinars, I have decided to try the same.

The webinar focuses on Git as an essential development tool, rather than just a way to replace those ugly //BugFix.425> code annotations we were all used to in C/AL. Apart from creating a branch (when absolutely necessary), committing (often rarely), and perhaps merging (once in a while, being scared of it), most developers don’t do much more. Many don’t even know what power lurks beneath.

This webinar sheds light on Git, explains its internals, and arms you with new tools and knowledge to take Git to the next level, a level where not only you are using Git, but where you are leveraging it, day in, day out.

To learn more about the webinar, and to sign up, click this button:

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