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Happy New Year everyone, with a little delay. I was busy in the first two weeks of this year preparing and delivering the “Leveraging Git” webinar. It turned out to be quite a success, but it also prevented me from doing my live session last Friday.

But this short break doesn’t mean I am not going to get busy with my blog and live blog again. This is what’s coming up.

Today, at 14:00 CET, I’ll go live again at and this time the topic is HttpClient patterns. I am going to demo how to get from a very naive HTTP execution based on direct invocations of HttpClient methods, to a robust, interface-driven architecture. Don’t miss this one.

On top of the live blog, I am going to try (yes, no promises here, but I’ll do my best) to follow up each live session with a write-up here on It seems that videos and presentations are not the best way to learn for many people, and a lot of people actually prefer reading things. Honestly, when it comes to “how-do-I-do-this-or-that”, I myself also often prefer reading a text to watching a video. Text is scrollable, copy/pasteable, searchable, skippable… Video is mostly none of these things. So, instead of me just demonstrating stuff, I’ll demonstrate it on, then follow-up with written tutorial here on What do you think of this?

And finally, I totally enjoyed delivering the “Leveraging Git” webinar last week. I’ve also got very good comments from the audience, so I’ve got both motivation and ideas for future webinars. Over the next several months, I’m going to do at least one webinar per month, and the topics will be:

  • February: Git workflow roundup. This webinar will address various Git workflows, such as GitFlow, Release Flow, and maybe some others. It will address their pros and cons, and will focus on how to set up a decent workflow.
  • March: Designing for testability. This one will focus on how to write code with testability in mind. It will specifically focus on testability patterns, and how to write test code that handles external dependencies, such as REST calls, control add-ins, and similar. This will not be an end-to-end testability webinar – I am not going to go in-depth about how to write test code; instead I will focus on how to write code that is testable, and how to design with testability in mind.
  • April: Leveraging Git. Yes, I am going to redeliver this one. I will do some changes, though. While most of the comments from the first one were pretty good, some people complained that I was talking too fast, and that there was too much content. Indeed, I was talking too fast because I was trying to catch up with the content. I am going to cut whatever I now believe can be cut out, so it will be more focused, more manageable both for me, and for the audience.
  • May: Git for beginners. This webinar will be a real Git 101, a practical introduction to Git, without much focus on the deep internals (that’s what Leveraging Git is) or workflows and strategies (that’s what Git workflow roundup is). This one will target the beginners, those who are starting with Git, and aren’t really sure what, how, and why is happening in there, and are mostly scared to do things.

I will announce the dates and other details over the next few days.

All in all, I am really looking forward to this year. Even though COVID19 still dominates the communities and pushes all of us online, I am going to try to make the most out of it and be active online, hoping that soon this madness is over, and we can all meet again at a normal classroom training, a conference, or another kind of a community event.

Until then… see you in the cloud!

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