NAV TechDays 2019 Goodies

NAV TechDays is simply the best NAV / Business Central conference there is. I can miss Directions, I can miss other events, but NAV TechDays – no way. There are few events which can match that energy, that community spirit, that enthusiasm, that top-notch deep-dive content. No, there are not few that can match it; there are none that can.

And then when you consider that they manage to attract ever more people to it, all that while publishing all conference content less than a week after conference is over – it just proves to you that the value of NAV TechDays is not in its content or its sessions. Being a part of NAV TechDays has always been an honor, and a pride, and a privilege.

No matter if you were there last week or not, you’ll want to access the conference materials, so here are the links:

Since this is my blog, I’ll also link directly to my Day 1 session about control add-ins development:

I’ll post the direct link to Waldo’s and mine Day 2 session about APIs as soon as it is available.

Enjoy the content – and see you again next year in Antwerp!

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