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You might have noticed that I had some problems with pictures on this blog. Some posts simply didn’t show any of them, and I’ve got quite some reports that they aren’t working. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy recently that I really didn’t have time to look into it.

A few days ago, a regular visitor of this blog that goes by the name of Bjarki took time to figure out what’s going on. He posted a comment about his finding, and that’s truly amazing. Thanks, Bjarki!

Apparently, when I moved my blog to a new server, for some reason, some of the pictures got referenced with the staging URL and that URL remained in my blog database. Bjarki’s hint explained to me that the fix may be simpler than I feared. I did a search and replace (using the amazing Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin for WordPress) and voila!

I hope I get time soon to do other stuff on my blog, I know you are waiting for the continuation of the control add-ins supercharged series. It’s coming, it really is.

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