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Why is the Repeater in my WORD Layout not Showing Data?

Being a Word user from way back 1987 I felt immediately at home when the NAV Core Team did present us MVPs already months ago the Document Reporting feature. I think it's really a great feature. Indeed it has it's restrictions, but it's so easy to use, which is exactly the reason why it has landed in the product. Given a useful dataset definition you will have in no time created the layout. However you might run into the following as I did.

Preparing for a training on the new Document Reporting feature in NAV 2015 I was playing around with various layouts. Pimping built-in ones, using some templates from and starting from scratch. A couple of times I ran into the issue that the repeater placed on the detail lines of my layout did not show data.

And clearly I had placed a repeater on the table row following the header row of the details:

So why is the Repeater in my WORD Layout not Showing Data? To be honest I do not know. Even Reporting Torben could not tell me exactly. Nevertheless I found out how to fix it or prevent it from happening.

Make sure when inserting the repeater to have a table row above and below it (see the orange colored rows below):



Now it works and just remove the (orange colored) empty rows.

  • It works fine, thank you Luc

    I have a few more questions:

    1. Is it possible to deactivate the Auto size of tables in word to the length of the Name (datasource)

    Examp. "LineAmountAfterInvoiceDiscount_Lbl" it uses a lot of space and Word automatically creates a line break.

    2. Is there a way to repeat several lines in one line repeater. I can just simply mark them and set the line repeater but it won't affect all lines.

  • @Markus Aierstock: Yes, in the meantime it is possible to set a repeater around more than one table row. You can even set the repeater around a whole table or some paragraphs. Furthermore, you can nest repeaters. All this is possible and much more with the new Wordlayout+ tool. You can find more information and a download link, here.

  • How Do I: Use Nesting Repeaters in a Word Layout in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: