Where the <beep> is the Website Data Sources pane?

I know, I am not the most experienced RDLC report builder around, and not a hard core Visual Studio user, except for using it is as my client for accessing TFS. Nevertheless I thought I knew my way with VS. Until this time when picking up RDLC report design and opening a RDLC layout in VS 2008, wanting to add some fields to a report.

Adding some fields? Hey, where is the Website Data Sources pane? Confused

OK, probably the View menu will help me out:

Nope. Hmm

Website menu?

No! Confused

So I meticulously searched all the other drop-down menus: File, Edit, View (once more), Website (again), Debug (would that make sense?), Tools (idem), Windows, Help. Help? HELP! Angry

Calm down, Luc. Breath in, br... And there we go again: File, Edit, View, Website, Debug, Tools, Windows, Help.

&*(^(@$*(@)_+_ Crying

Typically (I think) I am not the kind of person to disturb others with something seemingly so silly. A threshold to take indeed, but never to old to learn, thus eventually I called upon a colleague who didn't answer straight away. Meanwhile still trying to find it ... and I did! Yes

 Data menu! Data menu???? It wasn't in my ultimate search list above. Where do you come from? Huh?

Long-story-short: Click somewhere on the Solution Explorer. And now click somewhere in the Report.rdlc [Design] screen. See what happens with the menus?