Undocumented Features - a Greenhorn Confession

Joining dynamicsuser.net recently I started writing my blogs to share my NAV experiences with you. So I thought I could spend a couple of posts on some of NAV's undocumented features. Greenhorn-me just sad down and wrote, not taking much time to investigate the load of posts on dynamicsuser.net. It was not long after I had a discussion on them with Marq in which I even learned one from him. Lucky me! One he apparently had learned about not so long ago (if I did recall it right from David Singleton) using a question mark (?) in any NAV text field to evoke the Standard Text functionality.

Thus I refrained from writing about that feature, but still wanted to know if it was already documented on any user forum. This morning I started my search typing in Standard Text. Oops ... even too much hits for a lazy Sunday. With some additional filtering I found a post by David on the subject: one in the thread on List of the Undocumented Features of Dynamics NAV. And ...

... oops, I also read about some of the undocumented features I had been writing about so far. Embarrassed:

Sorry for that guys. However reading the comments on my posts it was useful even for some of the 'old' guys. And that's why I decided to write this post to draw attention to this topic again. So reader ... if you haven't read the List of the Undocumented Features of Dynamics NAV post yet ... and you might have some missing ones to add to the thread.

Have a happy and productive 2010!