SQL Server 2008 Express #1: the free database engine from Microsoft

John Daskalakis provides some useful information on his blog post SQL Server 2008 Express: the free database engine from Microsoft. Didn't want to deny you this one Wink.

  • Marq is not wrong: it is suitable, and yes it's quite the same as a full version.  And there isn't even a limitation to the number of users.  Great!

    But still, the fact that there is no SQL Agent (you'll have to backup another way), no (out-of-the-box) client tools and a limitation to 4Gb makes me NOT a fan .. but indeed, that still doesn't mean it is or is not suitable.

    I will never recommend it as a solution .. only as an option for a solution.  In fact, there is not one customer of us (and we've got 200 of them) that runs the Express Edition.  Why?  Customers want to invest in a proper database engine, and when you start explaining the limitations of this edition (and also the fact that it's free) .. customers tend not to trust it anymore and rather go for a runtime... .

    That's just my two cents..

  • Great to experience that this (small) blog post seems to write itself. Thanx all for participating.

    Any other (factual) pros and/or cons?

  • Why? We seem to have uncovered a myth.

    SQL Express is very popular also by Access users.

    It is just a normal SQL database with some size restrictions etc.

  • I always understood the Express versions where not ment to be used by companies, so a limitation by License. Does anyone know something about that?