Sigfredo Beerman - crying in the wilderness?

Since little over a year once in a while, not very frequent (yet?), the NAV Team Blog seems to behave differently than normal. I don't mean this negative, yet surprising. Among all those technical posts all of a sudden five functional posts popped up on November 29, 2010. Sigfredo Beerman was the culprit in a positive sense to me and I recall thinking: finally someone from MS is picking up the gauntlet that had been laying around for a long time regarding functional NAV matters. A little later Alex Shaw joined in on this effort.

I must admit, I am a full blown SCM nitwit and I cannot really judge the quality of the content, but the sheer fact that posts on functional matters (by the NAV Team) are very scarce isn't a good thing. NAV is for sure more than technology!

It's interesting to know from those of you who can judge how you value these posts. May I invite you to add your comments below?

  • I must admit these of posts are unexpected from Microsoft due to valuable business oriented content and the minor technical content. Hope to see more coming in.

  • Even though I look at Dynamics NAV more from development point of view, I find these functional posts very valuable as well.

  • Thanx for sharing your "judgement"!

  • These posts are extremely valuable… at least for a functional consultant like me who doesn’t have a clue about code.  Especially the posts about NAV « core » planning were great: it helped me understand that black box which is the planning engine.

    Information about the design of the functionalities in NAV is quite hard to find and I cannot always rely on a colleague to “dig in" the code with me to understand the features in detail, so posts like these are really appreciated.

    There are a few other blogs out there which are really “gold mines”, like Alex Chow’s Confession of NAV Consultant blog, Plataan’s blog,… and of course your blog ;-)

    So please keep the good work and don’t forget there are not only developers reading blogs ;-) !